DiAlo Executive Services

Meet the Founder & Principal

RRRochelle -- Rochelle is the founder. Her extensive business experience spans a wide array of skills including over 15 years of accounting, human resources, customer service, marketing, and computer programming and entrepreneurship, which has enabled her to be multi-talented. Rochelle has a Computer Science degree and is currently furthering her education in Digital Design & Graphics, Web Development with an emphasis in Integrated Media & Technology.

She has the essential hands-on knowledge and experience to help lead you on your way to entrepreneur success. Rochelle also serves as a Board Advisor for RHR Home Repair and Improvements, a handyman service in Columbus, Ohio.

Rochelle combines her extensive business experience with sharp writing and creative skills to deliver powerful, unique, and timely copywriting services. She is passionate about the work she does and gives all praises to God for the skills she acquires along the way. Her motto to life is “The greatest disaster is not falling down, but rather staying down”.

Fun Facts about Rochelle

1. Rochelle is a native of Columbus, Ohio.
2. Rochelle's entrepreneurial spirit started early in life - selling candy in 7th grade to her classmates at age 13; she earned double in profits.
3. Rochelle is a FaceBook-er, she Tweets and she's LinkedIn.
4. Rochelle attends church service on a weekly basis, although she doesn't beat her self up if she misses a week, because God lives in heart.
5. Rochelle loves to spend her time learning new things.
6. Rochelle enjoys all types of music, pop, soul, gospel and light rock.
7. Rochelle was married on Valentines Day 1997.
8. Rochelle’s favorite hobby is reading.
9. Rochelle has 3 children, Michael age 17, MaKylan age 13; both were born on the same day four years apart. And Montrell age 12.
10. Rochelle is married to Michael, Sr., opposites do attract.
11. Rochelle does not enjoy exercising, although she knows how important it is so she manages to fit it in.
12. Last but not least, Rochelle hates to have a bad hair day!